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Djuno uses AI to make sure our clients get the best ROI on their cloud spend

Djuno uses AI to make sure our clients get the best ROI on their cloud IT spend, increase performance, availability and reduce operational risks and costs. It’s an early-stage startup launched in 2020, already serving 2 commercial projects for a Swiss insurance tech company. Djuno AI already generated 30%+ savings on cloud costs and doubled the available cloud resources at the same time. Djuno Inc is registered in the US and operates globally from physical locations in England, Switzerland, and California.

Working with Djuno

  • Independent and cloud-agnostic.
  • Market-leading data privacy and security. Clients own and control all the data.
  • Light touch approach. No integration required.
  • Experienced team (Microsoft, T-Mobile, Nationwide, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development).
  • Trusted by industry leaders from Amazon, Avasant, PWC, Cap Gemini, IBM.
  • Fast ROI.

Djuno’s competitive advantages

  • Demand AND price management
  • Multi-layer predictions, seasonality, and anomaly detection
  • Market-leading data privacy and security

Download our slide deck (pdf):

Free AI test tool to minimize cloud infrastructure costs
Clients can test our AI tool that can help minimize cloud infrastructure costs. It’s 100% free and doesn’t require any registration. Just upload server utilization and billing data (or use our sample files). Our AI will predict future utilization, seasonality and generate a list of recommendations that can reduce your cloud costs.
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AI tool explainer video:

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