Djuno AI helps optimize cloud IT for better performance and lower costs

Telling an application delivery team to mind the cloud budget is like telling a Formula1 racer to mind the fuel budget.
They both just want to win.

  • Cloud providers have complicated, opaque contracts and pricing rules.
  • Cost analysis and comparison mean manual processing of spreadsheets.
  • Both utilization and billing are irregular and hard to predict.

Solution: Let our AI make sure you get the best ROI on your cloud budgets

  • Machine learning predicts infrastructure utilization and detects seasonalities and code anomalies.
  • Automation of the ongoing predictive cost analysis and recommendations.
  • Price discovery with live price comparison to find the best alternative solutions, providers, and prices.

Impact: 30% lower cloud bills, double the performance

Working with Djuno

  • Independent and cloud-agnostic.
  • Market-leading data privacy and security. Clients own and control all the data.
  • Light touch approach. No integration required.
  • Experienced team (Microsoft, T-Mobile, Nationwide, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development).
  • Trusted by industry leaders from Amazon, Avasant, PWC, Cap Gemini, IBM.
  • Fast ROI.